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The first GEN-I Trading Challenge is closed


The GEN-I Trading Challenge, which we opened in January, garnered more than 250 interested participants. The selection of the participants was difficult, but we decided to give a chance to 150 candidates who best described their motivation for entering the competition.

In the lectures on the basics of trading, the role of analytics in trading, setting-up trading strategies and behavioral economics and psychology of the market, the participants received all the necessary knowledge to independently set up the strategies and thinking about market developments. With all the acquired information, they were able to test themselves in practice in simulated trading, in the so-called paper-trading, while they were closely monitored by mentors.

Our analytics gathered some data about our trading challenge:

  • The participants together made 5,992 trades.
  • Their average profit & loss was $24,464.20.
  • 28 participants made a trade within the last week – congratulations on your persistence!

The chart shows an evolution of the profit & loss of the trades, made by the participants of the Trading Challenge, which also indicates that they made better informed decisions on a day-by-day and week-by-week basis and their strategies were better set.

The winner will travel to San Francisco in Silicon Valley together with our Geniuses.

Thank you all for expressing an interest, and congratulations to all of those who endured to the end of the challenge. Socialising and learning with you was a really nice experience. Anyone who missed their chance to join us this time are welcome to follow our website, social media and any potential new challenges.


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