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We arrange everything to switch your supplier in your name. All you have to do is send us the details and choose how to sign the contract.

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Smart Energy

Data quality assistant (m/ž)

Do you desire to work not only with data, but also with business processes and the people involved in those process? Do you wish, that your work empowers others to work qualitatively with data? That you prepare a solution in collaboration with others, which alert when a fault is found in a process in a timely and appropriate manner? Do you like finding faults for errors, debugging and preventing in the future? Do you understand why companies introduce and strive to meet quality standards? We're looking for a data quality assistant in the Data Governance Team.

Your challenges
  • Develop and help colleagues in other departments develop solutions to control data and process quality,
  • Develop, implement and monitor new data quality standards
  • Record the origin of data, how it's processes and interdependent (data lineage),
  • Setting up master / central data tables to enrich other data (master data),
  • Promote data quality tools and support other teams so they can work independently.
Our expectations
  • Knowledge of SQL and concepts related to relational databases,
  • Basic programming knowledge, especially concepts relating to testing,
  • A desire for high quality processes and data
  • The desire to learn, research causes and fix underlying issues,
  • Communication skills to collaborate, support and facilitate
  • An active knowledge of the English language for communicating daily with team members from other countries,
  • Previous work in introducing data quality standards and new processes in routine data work,
  • Knowing other programming languages (especially Python, R),
  • Knowing code versioning tools (Git),
  • Knowing data visualization tools (Power BI),
  • A demonstration of your experience working with data - work experience, projects in your free time, student work, your own github repository, the results and effects of implementing changes in the way you work with data in a business environment.
Our offer
  • Co-creating the green energy transformation with a strong, young and committed team,
  • Professional and personal development, supported with various education and mentoring programs,
  • A hybrid work schedule,
  • Work in an innovative energy company and a dynamic international environment,
  • The possibility of testing new green technologies,
  • Unlimited quantities of coffee and fruit in the workplace and
  • Membership in an active company sports group with 18 different sections and more than 270 active members.
Apply in
When applying, submit your CV and cover letter in the following languages:


The application deadline is up to and including 31. 05. 2022.
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