13th annual meeting of GEN-I’s partners

GEN-I believes that respectful and sound relationships with our customers are the foundation of positive operating results. To that end, we organized the now-traditional 13th annual meeting of GEN-I’s partners, this time in the form of a virtual meeting.  

A global presence on the wholesale energy markets, reliable partnerships and advanced solutions are the bases on which GEN-I provides its partners the best energy services. Before us lies a decade of profound changes in the energy sector. Thus, as the provider of green energy services, we strive to ensure an increase in self-sufficiency, more effective energy consumption and the smart inclusion of new digital technologies.  

During the meeting, we informed business partners about price trends on the energy markets (oil, coal, carbon credits, natural gas and electricity), our purchasing strategy for the coming years and our recommendations for a successful adaptation to future changes.  

The meeting also focused on best commercial practices. The Mayor of the Municipality of Ajdovščina, Tadej Beočanin, presented to participants the first self-sufficient RES community in Budanje, which included three main players: the aforementioned municipality, us as electricity supplier and other municipalities for which the project is intended. According to the mayor, the shift to renewable energy sources is urgent in this time of climate change. It is thus right that each and every one of us does their part and contribute to the limitation of harmful emissions into the environment.  

The head researcher at Steklarna Hrastnik, Tilen Sever, presented a strategy and measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the aforementioned company, which is aware of the importance of decarbonizing society and is actively working in the area of green technologies for the decarbonization of the glass industry.  

Barbara Domicelj, the General Manager of Microsoft Slovenija, emphasized that the Microsoft Corporation has taken on responsibility and set goals to become carbon negative by 2030. Microsoft will cut its emissions by half, and every year will eliminate more carbon dioxide than it will release. “By 2050, Microsoft will eliminate all of the carbon dioxide that it has indirectly or directly released into the environment since its establishment in 1975,” added Ms. Domicelj.  

During the meeting, the President of GEN-I’s Management Board, Dr. Robert Golob, presented the excellent operating results of the GEN-I Group in 2020. He also highlighted an important step that we took at the beginning of this year with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint, when we completely halted the use of fossil fuels in the supply of electricity to our customers in Slovenia. Our customers may now select their preferred electricity source, whether it be solar, hydro or nuclear energy. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we increased investments in digitalization and data analysis last year, and continue to give special attention to employees. That fact is reflected in part in this year’s selection amongst the finalists for the title of best employer in Slovenia, after having received that honor last year in the scope of the Golden Thread competition.  


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