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GEN-I again headed by senior management with full powers

With the finality of the decision on a court-appointed Management Board, GEN-I, d.o.o. once again has a newly functioning senior management with full powers. The Company will be headed by Igor Koprivnikar, Ph.D. as the President of the Management Board during the period of appointment.

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Through its exceptional operating results in 2021, GEN-I reconfirmed that it is the best energy company in Slovenia

GEN-I Group’s estimated results for 2021 indicate a net profit of €70 million and a record return on equity of 50.7%. By concluding trading contracts in the amount of 200 TWh, the Group increased its operating revenue to €3.4 billion.

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GEN-I will seek 700 new employees for the green transformation of Slovenia

By 2030, we will have earmarked more than €1 billion for renewable sources of energy, energy reservoirs and other investments. We will create more than 700 new green jobs with a value-added of more than €100,000 per employee.

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GEN-I, d.o.o.’s Management Board ended its five-year term of office successfully, with the appointment of a new board still in progress

The five-year term of office of GEN-I, d.o.o.’s Management Board expired on 17 November. Since the owners had yet to agree on the Company’s senior management for the next five years, the court will decide on GEN-I, d.o.o.’s Management Board members until the owners come to an agreement.

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Signing of the Declaration on the green future of the Republic of Slovenia on the 30th anniversary of the declaration of Slovenian independence

A symposium entitled Green Future, which was aimed at developing guidelines to ensure a healthy and climate-friendly environment for future generations, took place on the 30th anniversary of the declaration of Slovenian independence in the Municipality of Šentjernej.

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GEN-I is planning to construct solar plants with a capacity of 1,000 MW, as well as €1.06 billion in investments for the green and digital transformation

In the context of unchanged import dependence, the competitive market and maintaining system robustness, GEN-I’s experts find that the decarbonization of the entire Slovenian electricity sector is possible before 2050.

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Skupščina GEN-I ni potrdila kandidatov za upravo GEN-I

Poslovodstvo GEN energije je na svoj nadzorni svet podalo predlog za nov mandat uprave GEN-I pod vodstvom predsednika uprave dr. Roberta Goloba. Predlog je bil zavrnjen, proti so glasovali vsi nadzorniki, imenovani po kvotah vladajoče koalicije.

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