What our employees tell us through the Golden Thread


As part of the Golden Thread project, the Dnevnik newspaper has announced the most prestigious and successful Slovenian employers for 2021. We are proud to be named the best employer in the category of large companies.

In all 8 dimensions, GEN-I’s average scores are statistically significantly higher than other companies. Of the employee survey results, we are particularly proud of our Employee Net Promoter Score, which is well above the average for all companies, but even more so for large companies, where less than 49% of respondents would recommend their company. The vast majority, 84%, would recommend GEN-I as an employer. At GEN-I, we know that the road to decarbonization is steep, but with responsibility and our commitment to green solutions, we can get there together. Here’s how our employees are now getting there.

On average, employees rated us higher this year than last on the Entrepreneurship and Innovation dimension, where they share the view that our company is moving faster than others.

The results also show a high sense of security and a fair relationship between the company and its employees as well as an inclusive environment that welcomes a diverse workforce. Inclusion thus remains one of the core corporate values that underpin our vision and help shape our culture. The same high sense of safety and fairness is underpinned by our value of respect, which we demonstrate by acting as a cohesive individual, being willing to accept the opinions of others and actively seeking solutions that help us achieve our common goals.

The highest scoring items included three from the Leadership, Communication, and Collaboration dimension (“The company openly shares knowledge, experience and information”; “Management sets a good example for employees through their actions”; “Management’s communication shows respect for the employee”), indicating a trusting relationship between employees and management. Younger colleagues perceive that we openly share knowledge, experience, and information and see opportunities for learning and development, which is reflected in our successful onboarding and good induction programs, supported by our mentoring program.

Going forward, we will continue to strive to improve our results in the areas of leadership, communication, and collaboration, the role and quality of the individual in the organization, and personal growth and development. These dimensions will continue to be emphasized through our established HR processes and new development projects.

Read more about how we support individuals and teams to unlock their unlimited potential through the virtues of our people and how this support impacts our people’s development.

Everyday at GEN-I

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