Switching of suppliers for households

Switching suppliers has never been simpler. You complete the form, while we take care of everything else.

Carbon-free electricity

The average households electricity makes up almost 40 % of the total carbon footprint. By choosing CO2-free electricity you easily contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Natural gas

Gradual steps are leading us into a future without fossil fuels. Electricity alone is sometimes not enough, which is why GEN-I also supplies natural gas. Get all your energy in one place.

Frequently asked questions

The following information is required to switch suppliers: 

  • personal information of the contract signatory (first name, surname, permanent residence and tax number);
  • contact information of the contract signatory (i.e. telephone number and/or email address);
  • number and address of metering point;
  • personal information of the metering point owner, if the owner and signatory are not the same person;
  • current account number if you wish to arrange payment via direct debit (standing order).

You can also find this information in the contract on access to the distribution system. Provide one of these documents prior to completing the form for switching suppliers. Our friendly consultants can assist you in completing your form through our toll-free number 080 1558, from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

The switch is usually completed within a few days, but no later than 21 days following the submission of the application to your distribution operator (i.e. local electricity distribution company).

No. Once you have sent the signed contract back to GEN-I, you have done everything that is required. We take care of all procedures regarding the termination of current contracts on your behalf at no extra cost.  

Of course. In order to switch suppliers, simply complete our online form. The owner of the metering point or the holder of consent for connection must sign the necessary consent for your connection, and thus gives their consent to your use of the metering point. 

No. An electricity supply contract does not include a commitment for household customers.

No. Switching suppliers is free of charge.