CO2-free electricity

Through the simple choice of supplier and carbon-free electricity source, you will make an important decision for your own future and the future of our planet. 

You don't just choose carbon-free electricity with us. You can choose the source from which it is produced. Our first choice is solar energy, but we leave it up to you to select the source you believe in most.

Energy Source Solar Energy Source Solar

100 % Solar

Energy Source Hydro Energy Source Hydro

100 % Hydro

Energy Source Nuclear Energy Source Nuclear

100 % Nuclear

What do I need to switch supplier?

Switching supplier at GEN-I is done quickly and completely remotely.

>More about the simple switching of suppliers

I need electricity for a new-build

Leave the electricity arrangements for your new home to us, and devote your time to more exciting matters.

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How do I conclude a contract remotely?

You can conclude a contract with us remotely with a single click, without requiring any special digital certificates for this purpose.

>More about concluding the contract electronically

Electricity for owners of solar power plants

In cases when your power plant does not generate enough electricity to meet your needs, we supply you the needed electricity from the network at affordable prices.

>More about prices to supplement self-sufficient supply

Pricelists and special offers

Redni cenik električne energije za gospodinjske odjemalce

It applies to customers - household customers who purchase electricity for their own household use and who have submitted a request and subsequently entered into a contract for the supply of electricity to a household customer up to and including 26 April 2022. From 1 January 2024 onwards, the price list will apply to all household customers.

Redni cenik za prevzem in oddajo električne energije pri samooskrbi malih poslovnih odjemalcev

For owners of solar power plants with a connection consent under the new scheme (after 1 January 2024), we have prepared a special price list that guarantees a favourable price for electricity from the grid and a competitive price for the purchase of the surplus electricity generated.

Redni cenik električne energije za gospodinjske odjemalce - novi

Valid for all new household customers who purchase electricity for their own use, and who send an inquiry on or after April 27, 2022 and subsequently conclude a contract on the supply of electricity to a household customer.


Switching of suppliers

Simple, green and digital. That is your future if you entrust us with your electricity supply. Complete the online form, and we will ensure that your electricity is generated from the source of your choice from that moment on.

General terms and conditions of GEN-I, d.o.o. for the supply of electricity to household customers

Before signing a contract on the supply of electricity to household customers or a contract on electricity supply and the self-sufficient supply of electricity to a household customer, please read the general terms and conditions, which set out the terms of the supply of electricity and the rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

The general terms and conditions apply as of August 1, 2016, inclusive.

Frequently asked questions

No. Switching suppliers is free of charge.

The process of switching suppliers is very simple:

1. You complete the entire online form for switching suppliers yourself or choose to upload a photo/pdf of your most recent electricity bill in the second step of the online form, on the basis of which we will prepare the contract documentation for you.

2. When concluding a contract electronically, the entire contract documentation is sent to your email address. You can then sign this documentation electronically through a single click.

3. When concluding a contract in paper form, the entire documentation is sent to your permanent address. An envelope with prepaid postage will also be attached to the documentation. Please use this envelope to return a signed copy of the contract.

4. Leave the rest to us.

The following information is required to switch suppliers: 

  • personal information of the contract signatory (first name, surname, permanent residence and tax number);
  • contact information of the contract signatory (i.e. telephone number and/or email address);
  • number and address of metering point;
  • personal information of the metering point owner, if the owner and signatory are not the same person;
  • current account number if you wish to arrange payment via direct debit (standing order).

You can also find this information in the contract on access to the distribution system. Provide one of these documents prior to completing the form for switching suppliers. Our friendly consultants can assist you in completing your form through our toll-free number 080 1558, from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

The switch is usually completed within a few days, but no later than 21 days following the submission of the application to your distribution operator (i.e. local electricity distribution company).

No. Switching suppliers will not lead to any disruption in electricity supply.

You will receive your electricity bill between the 5th and 15th of the month for the previous monthly period.

If you have the remote reading option activated or submit meter readings yourself on a regular basis, the account reconciliation is not performed as you are already paying for actual consumption. Otherwise, if you are not submitting readings or do not have remote meter reading activated, the account reconciliation is done annually, together with the annual meter reading, which is performed by the distribution operator (i.e. the local electricity distribution company).