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Submission of meter reading

Still don't have a reader, which submits your consumption remotely? You can submit your realized monthly consumption via Moj GEN-I or SMS.

Switch supplier

We arrange everything to switch your supplier in your name. All you have to do is send us the details and choose how to sign the contract.

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Smart Energy

Sustainable services

Solar power plants GEN-I solar community E-mobility

E-mobility is an innovative solution that enables you to charge your electric vehicles in the system of public charging stations in Slovenia and Croatia with a single card and at a single monthly fee of €1.22, including VAT.

One card and one payment

Travelling with an electric vehicle can become faster and cheaper. Get the E-mobility card, which allows you to charge at selected charging stations at a single monthly rate of €1.22 including VAT.

Cheaper travel

Easy charging

Environmentally friendly

>Order your e-mobility card

What do I need to order the service?

Our household customers can simply order the service on the My GEN-I portal.

>More about submitting an order for a card

In what way can I save through the e-mobility service?

With our service, you not only save money but also you save time when paying for the charging cycles.

>Read more about savings through e-mobility

At how many charging stations can I charge my vehicle?

Using our single card, you can charge your vehicle at charging stations throughout Slovenia, and even in Croatia.

>Download the list of locations

Is there a time limit for charging electric car with the card?

You can charge your car at DC stations for up to 60 minutes and at AC stations for up to 180 minutes at no extra charge.

>More about charging
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