Special offer "Sonce za toplotne črpalke"

The “Sonce za toplotne črpalke” special offer is over. This means that, from 3 March 2022 onwards, it will no longer be possible to participate in the “Sonce za toplotne črpalke” campaign. The promotional prices in the “Sonce for Heat Pumps” price list will also expire on 31 December 2023.

Notice of the end of the "Sonce za toplotne črpalke" special offer

In accordance with point 2 of the Terms and Conditions for Participation in the "Sonce za toplotne črpalke" special offer beginning December 5, 2020, the "Sonce za toplotne črpalke" special offer will end on March 2, 2022. This means that from March 3, 2022 onwards, access to the "Sun for Heat Pumps" campaign is no longer possible.

Customers who correctly enrolled in the special offer by March 2, 2022 and meet all the offer's conditions, will after March 2, 2022 pay for electricity according to the offer's "Sonce za toplotne črpalke" pricelist until any further changes that will be adopted in accordance with the terms and conditions of this special offer.

GEN-I, trgovanje in prodaja električne energije, d.o.o.  
Krško, March 2, 2022

The terms and conditions for the special offer "Sonce za toplotne črpalke" can be found here. The special offer is valid from December 5, 2020, until cancelled.

New tariff prices in the regular electricity pricelist, valid from August 1, 2022

Special offer prices by tariff excluding VAT including 9,5% DDV including 22% DDV
PT (€/kWh) 0,08290 0,09078 0,10114
OT (€/kWh) 0,05590 0,06121 0,06820
ST (€/kWh) 0,07790 0,08530 0,09504


Selection of energy source

GEN-I supplies exclusively CO2-free electricity. Our first choice among available sources is 100% solar energy, while you may also choose from hydro and carbon-free nuclear energy. Only one energy source can be selected for a specific metering point.



Amount of surcharge for the selection of energy source excluding VAT including 9,5% DDV including 22% VAT
100% solar** (€/metering point/month) 0,82 0,90 1,00
100% hydro** (€/metering point/month) 0,82 0,90 1,00
100% nuclear (€/metering point/month) 0,00 0,00 0,00

** The price for 100% solar and 100% hydro energy applies from April 1, 2021 on. All of the above prices apply until amended.


If you choose to receive an electronic bill for a specific metering point (as a PDF bill in the My GEN-I portal or as an e-bill via an online bank), you will be credited with an ECO discount of €1.00 excluding VAT (€1.22 including VAT) each month, which will reduce your monthly fee by half.


None of the tariff prices on pricelists published on this website include excise duties on electricity, network charges, the contribution for energy efficiency, the CHP and RES contribution (contribution to support the production of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration and renewable energy sources), the contribution for the functioning of the market operator or other fees imposed by the government.

The duration of individual PT, OT and ST items is defined in the Act on the Methodology for Determining the Regulatory Framework and Network Charges for the Electricity Distribution System, which is issued by the Energy Agency.