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Our largest solar power plant has started production


In Skopje, the President of the Management Board of the GEN-I Group, Dr Igor Koprivnikar, together with the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dimitro Kovačevski, and the Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteşi, publicly presented the start of operation of the currently largest solar power plant in North Macedonia. The start of operation represents an important milestone for the expansion of GEN-I in the implementation of large solar power plants projects and the production of carbon-free electricity and a key contribution to the so-called Green Scenario of the Republic of North Macedonia under the Strategy for Energy Development of the Republic of North Macedonia.

“These days, the importance of investing in green energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels is more evident than ever. I am happy to say that GEN-I is also becoming an increasingly important player in this energy market segment, not only in Slovenia but also in the international market.

North Macedonia has always been an important market for us, and with this investment, we are even more connected. It is also an important milestone for GEN-I, demonstrating our willingness to lead the green transformation and our ability to deliver large-scale renewable energy projects. We are grateful to all the participants who helped make this project successful,” said Dr Igor Koprivnikar, the President of the Management Board of the GEN-I Group.

Read more about the start of operation of our largest solar power plant and the reaction of the government representatives of the Republic of North Macedonia to the partner project in the press release.


Notice on electricity price regulation and exemption from RES and CHP contributions

The Decree according to which 90% of the monthly electricity consumption will remain regulated and the remaining 10% will be charged according to the price list as well as the Decree on the exemption from the RES and CHP contribution will enter into force.

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New electricity tariffs for household customers

With effect from 1 January 2024, the electricity tariffs and the terms and conditions of the regular price list for household customers, which is called the Regular Electricity Price List for Household Customers, will be amended as explained below.

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New tariff for the self-supply of household customers

With effect from 1 January 2024, the change in the electricity tariff on the regular electricity price list, which is called the Regular Electricity Price List for Self-Supply of Household Customers, and that involves a change of the price of the monthly fee and the application of a reduced monthly fee when taking advantage of the ECO discount for electronic billing if you choose to receive an electronic bill, will come into force.

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