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Green onboarding: recipient of recognition for contribution to innovativeness in the area of green onboarding awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS)


As a promoter of the green transformation in the energy sector, we are aware that sustainability requires a new way of thinking and working. At GEN-I, we are aware that our work tasks will change significantly over time and future employees will have to be multidisciplinary, and have open personalities and character.


Precisely to that end, we launched a new ‘green onboarding’ program in October 2019. We use that program to present our vision of a green future and clear mission to new employees of various educational profiles. All teams are working on interesting and innovative tasks from different work areas.

The objectives of the project are to change employees’ attitude to work, to create a multidisciplinary link, to positively promote thinking outside the framework of an individual’s work area, to improve inclusion and networking between individuals, to promote a green way of thinking and sustainable development, and to acquire new knowledge and experiences. In this way, we promote interdisciplinarity and a penchant for the changes that are a constant in today’s world, and to develop and guide our employees. We believe that the synergies and enthusiasm of employees lead us to superior results and, ultimately, to a common mission.

The projects developed and improved by our employees in the scope of the green onboarding program include a digital platform for food self-sufficiency, the optimization of the charging of the Company’s electric vehicles and an application for solar power plants. They developed an application for calculating the carbon footprint of employees and created green offices, all while having loads of fun and connecting with each other. They shared their experiences from the green onboarding program with us in the form of testimonials.

Innovation in onboarding new employees and the implementation of a sustainable component in the work process were also recognized by Posavje’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where we were acknowledged for our contribution to innovativeness for the green onboarding project.