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The committee of the Golden Thread selection rewarded our focus on the development of employees


The newspaper publisher Dnevnik announced the most respected and successful Slovenian employers in 2021 in the scope of the Golden Thread project. We are proud that the title of best employer in the category of large companies was awarded to our Company.

GEN-I takes responsibility for the development of employees by focusing on and recognizing what is good. We place the traits of employees at the forefront and encourage their most natural behavior, feelings and way of thinking.

We believe that the talented employees of the future will be significantly open in terms of character and personality, will strive for mutual cooperation and connection in numerous projects and areas, and be able to adjust rapidly to the dynamic circumstances of organizational structures. In addition to work and personal growth, GEN-I also values the impression you leave on the wider society.

 “Through a systematic work approach, we succeeded in developing a homogenous and positive organizational culture. This is in line with our mission, which focuses on the decarbonization of the energy sector and the implementation of green technologies. The Company is characterized by its people-oriented organizational culture, sustainability-oriented performance and resilience to crises,” said the committee in the explanation of its selection in the Golden Thread project.

Among the results of the questionnaire that was completed by our employees in the scope of the competition, we were especially proud of the indicator where employees promoted GEN-I as a great place to work (‘Employee Net Promoter Score’), which significantly exceeds the average of all companies, with an even greater deviation among large companies. The vast majority of our employee sees GEN-I as a company where they would recommend employment (on a scale from 1 to 10, more than 67% selected a rating of 9 or 10).

A total of sixty companies took part in the competition to select the best employer. In addition to our Company, the following companies qualified as finalists among large companies: Automatic servis, Danfoss Trata, Kostak, Pomgrad, Telemach and Varis Lendava.