20 May is world bee day


Our fellow Earthlings are also urban beekeepers

The United Nations has declared the 20 May World Bee Day. The initiative came from Slovenia.

Did you know?

  • We have an experienced beekeeper in our ranks who also looks after the GEN-I bees.
  • We take care of 200,000 hard-working worker bees as part of the Earthlings community.
  • At GEN-I, we have all the skills and equipment, so we decided to train some more budding beekeepers.

Alongside the many new colleagues, we meet in the offices, we have also invited 200,000 new hardworking, winged colleagues to join the ranks of GEN-I. They are vital to our future, pollinating 80% of all plants and 90% of fruit trees. The invitation below strengthens our team in the field of environmental biodiversity.

Bees play an important role in nature, including for the survival of humankind. In Slovenia, people are well aware of their extraordinary mission, which is why beekeeping is firmly rooted in Slovenian tradition. In the future, we also plan to organize beekeeping courses with the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association as part of our activities.

Photo: GEN-I bees

Although there is still a perception that beekeepers are mainly to be found in rural areas, urban beekeeping has been gaining ground lately. With Earthlings, our colleagues can also experience beekeeping stories in a modern, urban way.

Photo: Janez Fink, our colleague, and beekeeper

Who are Earthlings? We are promoters of agricultural self-sufficiency and our mission is to spread green awareness among our colleagues, to raise awareness of the ecological food footprint, organic food production, and sustainable lifestyles. Watch our presentation video. Through our actions, based on a sustainable approach, we strive to improve the quality of life of GEN-I employees and the wider community. With the installation of the beehive, we want to continue our commitment to spread a green mentality through various “green actions” and to ensure our sustainable development in a socially responsible and nature-friendly way.



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