GEN-I fleet


As an active proponent of the green transformation, GEN-I, in addition to its core activities of trading and supplying energy products to its customers, also develops services that enable them to reduce their carbon footprint and move towards carbon neutral operations. We decided some time ago to promote the green transformation by our own example, which we are strengthening in several areas. One of these is sustainable mobility, where we have taken a major new step. We have increased our fleet of electric bicycles and scooters available to our employees.

With the e-bike sheds, we have expanded the opportunity for employees to use green commuting routes close to our business units, while at the same time providing them with a fully digitalised user experience for sustainable mobility. We have integrated the micro-fleet, along with the existing electric car fleet, into an app that makes it easy for employees to plan their e-vehicle use and journeys.

At GEN-I, we know that the road to decarbonising society is steep, but with responsibility and our commitment to green solutions, we can get there together. Here's how our employees will now be driving towards it.

Everyday at GEN-I

In the section ‘Everyday at GEN-I’, we present the Company’s culture, which we build and strengthen through various corporate activities and informal gatherings. You can find articles that introduce you to our colleagues – who they are, what they do and what working for GEN-I means to them.

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