Get to know us: Katarina Mekiš, head of quality monitoring


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This is your 9th year at GEN-I. What has been your career path here?

I started as a student in the call center, where I learned a lot about working with customers: from answering the phone to written communication, to dealing with customer complaints and claims. The latter in particular gave me a good foundation for my future career, as communication skills are honed the most when there is a misunderstanding or when things do not go quite as planned.

I eventually took over shift management in the call center, which was a challenge in itself given the size of our contact center and the number of GEN-I customers. Since 2018, I have been the head of Quality Monitoring.

Can you give us a brief overview of what you do in the Quality Monitoring department?

Our main task is to ensure a high level of quality in our communication and the relevance of the information we provide to our customers, regardless of the channel through which they contact us. The department is responsible for monitoring and implementing improvements in customer satisfaction as well as ensuring that contact center agents are properly trained and that they are further developing their communication skills.

Our aim is to provide our customers with an excellent user experience every time they contact us which is based on accurate information, a friendly attitude, and mutual trust. Our customers have recognized this by voting for GEN-I as the most trusted brand among electricity suppliers for the eighth year running, for which we received the Trusted Brand Award.

What do you like best about your job?

First of all, I like the variety of tasks and the pleasure of preparing a wide range of training courses. Working at GEN-I brings daily innovations and rapid changes in our offer and customer service, and so my working day is never monotonous. It’s also quite creative, as there’s never a shortage of opportunities for improvement.

What would you say the benefits of working at GEN-I are?

I would highlight the focus on employee development, recognition of each individual’s strengths, and social responsibility. GEN-I is a large and highly successful company, but it also recognizes that our people are the key to achieving great results. That’s why we invest heavily in our development, with a wide range of career opportunities, and at the same time, we can co-create a vision for a greener future and act in a socially responsible and solidarity-oriented way.

How would you describe your colleagues in a few sentences?

I’ll try to do it in one sentence, so as not to be too superlative. A young and incredibly dedicated team, full of GEN-Ius ideas, loyalty, and team spirit.


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