New employees learn about their strengths during the onboarding period


The onboarding period for each new employee begins on the first day of employment at GEN-I.

The aim of the onboarding process is to familiarise new employees with the company's culture and values as well as to ensure their effective integration into the workplace. Professional development begins during the onboarding period and continues throughout employment. Onboarding is the responsibility of the Head of Department or a mentor appointed by the Head. A mentor is an experienced employee who monitors and evaluates a new employee's work and progress.  

During the first six months of employment, the new employee is introduced to the various processes that bring them closer to GEN-I. During the Orientation, which is scheduled in the first month of employment, employees are introduced to various topics related to the company's operations through video content. This gives them a better understanding of the organisation, basic processes, rules and ways of working. Most of our colleagues also take part in an additional Green Onboarding programme. This is a five-week programme that promotes green thinking and sustainable development, creates multidisciplinary teams and allows employees to work on development projects that are innovative, creative and green. The second option is the Circulation Programme, which aims to provide knowledge in related areas to help employees understand the workings of their home department.

In addition to providing basic information about the company and professional onboarding, the onboarding process also includes an introduction to the virtues of employees. At GEN-I, we have started to develop a culture of virtues with employees who have been with us for a long time, and now all new employees will soon be introduced to it. During the first month of employment, we invite new employees to complete the Clifton Strengths Questionnaire and review the results of the report with them. In addition to the opportunity to discuss the results individually, the greatest contribution is made by the Culture of Virtues workshops, which are conducted with new employees by a Culture of Virtues spokesperson. 

The spokespersons are managers with many years of experience at GEN-I who see great value in knowing the virtues and instilling them in their staff. They are interested in people and believe in the philosophy of positive psychology. They also spread these principles to the rest of the workforce. The spokespersons lead the group workshop in a way that helps participants understand what the virtues mean, become aware of their own virtues, learn how the virtues are expressed in different people and reflect on how to apply them in their work. 

Introducing the virtues during the onboarding period is an excellent way for managers to guide new employees towards tasks that are closer to them. They try to adapt the tasks and the workplace to the employee so that they can make the best use of their strengths to achieve the goals set. The language of virtues allows new employees to integrate more quickly into our culture and develop their potential from the start. All colleagues can share their virtues within the team or with colleagues from other departments. In this way, they build a culture of trust that helps them understand each other better and work together more effectively within the company.

We continuously promote the Culture of Virtues among our employees in a variety of ways. They can take a series of quizzes to refresh their knowledge of the virtues, and we provide articles on positive psychology and tips on how to put the virtues into practice. All of this is in line with our desire to provide employees with a working environment in which they can also grow as individuals.

Everyday at GEN-I

In the section ‘Everyday at GEN-I’, we present the Company’s culture, which we build and strengthen through various corporate activities and informal gatherings. You can find articles that introduce you to our colleagues – who they are, what they do and what working for GEN-I means to them.

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