Supporting business performance by adapting the way we work


One of the core values that underpins our vision and helps shape our culture is accountability. It is reflected in the hardworking, achievement-orientated attitudes of our colleagues and their constant striving to achieve good results together. Bonded by our values, everyone at GEN-I contributes to the success and energy of the whole company every day, whether in our offices or remotely.

Based on our experience during the epidemic, our research, and the work of our internal project team, we have developed a hybrid way of working that allows us to adapt to the needs of our people while working efficiently. Our staff work remotely up to 2 days a week. One day a week is designated as a remote working day at the company level and one day is left to the agreement between the manager and employee. If efficiency is maintained and the work process allows it, the manager and the employee can agree on even more flexibility.

By working in offices where colleagues meet face to face, we maintain personal relationships between them and strengthen interpersonal bonds and trust in the team. Working from home allows employees to focus more effectively on their own work and on tasks where, for example, they need more quiet time to work individually. Flexitime also allows employees to better balance work and personal commitments or preferences.

With the right approach, we have found that a hybrid working model can increase employee productivity and foster engagement, participation, and accountability. This is also reflected in our excellent business results, which continued in the second year after a pandemic first year: in 2021, we managed to exceed EUR 3 billion in revenue for the first time in our history, and we generated a net profit of EUR 70 million, we sold a record 205.3 TWh of energy products and our market share of household electricity customers in Slovenia grew to more than 40%.

At GEN-I, we are pursuing our vision of a zero-carbon society and have started our green transformation journey at home. Hybrid working also contributes to decarbonization, reducing our carbon footprint from commuting and business travel by 7.5% in 2021 compared to the previous year. With the introduction of remote working, we have further accelerated the digitalization of work processes, which is just one part of our overall strategic focus on digitalization at all levels of our business. Our rapid response and excellent preparation have ensured that our people can work seamlessly from anywhere. It has also further strengthened our own brand as an innovative and digitally forward-thinking company.

Want to see first-hand how hybrid working works at GEN-I? Want to contribute to a more sustainable future? Check out our vacancies or join our candidate database and become part of our team.

Everyday at GEN-I

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