The area of sales at GEN-I covers a broad range of knowledge and expertise. The most important tasks are attracting new customers and successfully maintaining the base of existing customers. The biggest challenge is to adapt communication to each customer’s needs, to treat each customer individually and to take all information into account when preparing an offer and completing a sale.

When it comes to retail, which includes marketing, customer relations and telesales, which contribute significantly to the Company’s external image and the reputation of the GEN-I brand.



The range of the sales department’s activities is extensive and includes the sale of electricity and natural gas to household and business customers, the purchase of electricity from qualified producers, the recruitment of contractual partners for system solutions, the sale of solar power plants to business customers, and the management of sales and after-sales activities in all areas. In other words, the monitoring of partners from the beginning to the end of the sales process.

The marketing and public relations department plans communications with different audiences, prepares advertising campaigns and content for internal and external communication channels, manages social networks and communicates with the media. We also provide promotional materials and presentations by the Company’s representatives, organize events and search for ideas for innovative approaches to customers.


We are looking for motivated people with good communication skills, who are willing to learn. In the sales department, you will learn effective customer relationship management and contemporary communication skills, learn how to use the latest communication channels, and become an expert in the digitalization of operations and customer relations.

Do you value teamwork, the sharing of knowledge and mutual respect? Do you enjoy communicating with customers and solving their challenges? Do you want to be part of our Company’s communication team, which is crucial at every major company today?

Check out our vacant jobs and join our sales department.