Trading is one of the pillars of GEN-I, as we trade on the international markets, where we strive to achieve the optimal energy prices. We are present in 22 countries and currently control an additional 16 subsidiaries, making us one of the leading companies in our sector. Trading is closely tied to advanced analytics and innovative analytical tools, which we are continuously developing and upgrading. The work of traders is dynamic, interesting, full of challenges, and is based on real objectives and results. It offers the opportunity to work on the international markets, while facilitating your development and advancement in this extremely important area.

The main factors in successful trading are our responsible and professional approach, which is based on know-how and an in-depth understanding of employees and the energy market. For this reason, we are deemed one of the most reliable and insightful traders.


Being part of our trading floor means continuous challenges. The markets are constantly changing and developing. You must therefore be brave enough to jump in and enjoy the wild ride. Our trading team is frequently joined by economists and employees with technical backgrounds who are ambitious and curious: those who are interested in the market and how prices are affected by geopolitical, economic and weather variables, and how the market is increasingly connected and global. Probability, statistics and game theory are important elements of the evaluation of trading strategies. Our motto is: ‘The only sure thing is probability!

Recently, the most inspiring project of our traders is the establishment of the first power purchase agreements (PPAs), which allow new renewable source production projects across the Balkans to enter the market. We, in turn, support their smooth functioning and competitiveness, and thus pursue our decarbonization objective.


Our team is expanding and we are always inviting new talented people to join us, including experienced traders and those at the very beginning of their career. Finding a home with us are energy markets experts, and those who have gained experience on the financial markets and would like to take this experience to a new, even more exciting environment.

We strive for the development of our team, and therefore invite to our ranks diverse candidates who have the desire and motivation to trade, who possess previous trading experience and who know the basics, and who want to continuously develop and grow.

Trading is an activity that is based on emotions, probability and incomplete information, and we are proud of the fact that many of our decisions are nevertheless data-driven. We work with analytics on a daily basis, and we strive to extract the right information from a large amount of data using numerous models in a timely manner to help us set our strategies and make decisions.

Would you like to be part of the profession of the future and join the dynamic work of trading?

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