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We arrange everything to switch your supplier in your name. All you have to do is send us the details and choose how to sign the contract.

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EUA Trader/Team lead (m/f)

The GEN-I Group is expanding into global markets, including beyond Europe, and is embracing Industry 4.0. To achieve its ambitious goals, GEN-I is opening new job positions in one of the most attractive sectors of modern times: trading. Trading is one of the pillars of GEN-I, with operations in 22 countries and currently managing 16 subsidiaries, making it one of the leading companies in the energy sector.

With new investments in the most advanced green transformation services in energy, GEN-I is setting new goals in global markets. Management and optimization of flexible energy sources (such as battery storage systems, solar power plants, etc.) and building a portfolio of PPA contracts, which enable new renewable energy production sources to enter the market in the SEE region and more broadly across Central Europe, are highlighted as inspiring and rapidly growing pillars of their business.

Your challenges
  • Market Trading: Execute trades on European carbon allowances markets, including other environmental products such as GOs and UKAs.
  • Strategy development: Develop and implement new and existing trading strategies in collaboration with the carbon allowances analytical team.  
  • Market Analysis and Regulatory Monitoring: Perform detailed analysis of supply and demand dynamics, auction outcomes, and policy impacts on EUA prices. Stay updated on carbon regulations and policy changes, ensuring compliance and leveraging regulatory developments for strategic advantage.
  • Portfolio management: Coordinate portfolio needs for carbon allowances with trading counter-parties in order to align trading strategies. Implement robust risk management practices specific to the volatility and regulatory nature of the EU ETS markets.
  • P&L Responsibility: Manage P&L with a focus on maximizing profitability while adhering to a healthy risk/reward ratio. 
Our expectations
  • Experience: Minimum 4 years of trading experience within European energy markets, with a strong focus on trading EU carbon allowances and other related commodities.
  • Advanced Track Record: Proven track record of successful trading and portfolio management in the carbon market.
  • Global Market Expertise and Regulatory Knowledge: Understanding of EU carbon markets, including market mechanisms, fundamental drivers, and regulatory frameworks. Familiarity with the EU ETS and its impact on carbon trading.
  • Educational Background: Advanced degree in electrical engineering, technical, economics or finance disciplines.
  • Analytical skills: Analytical abilities, capable of leveraging advanced analytical tools and techniques.
  • Technological Proficiency: Strong technical skills, including experience with trading platforms, data analysis software, and programming languages.
  • Proactivity and Leadership: Strategic thinking, ability to develop innovative trading strategies, with strong communication, negotiation skills and affinity for leadership.
Our offer
  • Development Opportunities: Professional and personal growth supported, supported by training and mentoring programs.
  • Flexible Work Approach: Opportunity for individual or team-based trading approaches.
  • Work Environment: Work in an innovative energy company with a dynamic international environment.
  • Compensation: Competitive salary package with a well-defined and motivating bonus scheme.
  • Additional Benefits: Membership in an active sports club with 20 different sections, which offers fellowship with more than 450 active members.
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The application deadline is up to and including 22. 07. 2024