Energy saving

Did you know that for 1 minute of showering with hot water heated by an electric boiler, you use as much energy as 40 mobile phone charges?

With tips for saving energy, we encourage collective savings and help customers reduce costs on their bills.

Save and lower your bill

Our existing household customers can track their consumption on the Moj GEN-I portal and reduce it with our savings tips.

With lower consumption, you will lower your bill, and we will additionally reward you every three months with a discount on the bill if our household customers collectively reduce their consumption compared to the same period last year.

Steps we take together count the most

Every single action counts in efforts to save energy, but the most important are the steps we all take together with a view to a sustainable future.

If you are not yet our client or are not registered on the Moj GEN-I portal, we have also collected some easy-to-implement saving tips on our website.

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With total energy savings up to a discount on bills

From October 2022 onwards, every three months we will check how much energy our household customers saved in total compared to last year. In the case of savings, we will deduct the corresponding amount of the discount from the invoices of all those who meet the predetermined conditions. Read more about the number of discounts in the case of total energy savings and the conditions that apply to obtaining a discount at the link below.

What kind of discount can I expect on my bill?

Participation in energy saving, which we encourage our customers to do, is voluntary and does not require any kind of application. All you have to do is to start using energy more economically. To make it easier for you to get started, we have prepared tips on the easiest and most effective ways to spend less. You can find them on the Moj GEN-I.

The discount that you will receive on your bills for beneficiaries who became our customers before October 1, 2022, will depend on the energy savings that you, our household customers, will create together in three months periods (from October to January, from January to April, from April to July and July to October). You can see the exact amounts based on the savings of each energy source here.

The total savings will depend on how many saving measures individual customers take and implement. With incentives and advice, we want to be so effective that the total consumption of our household customers will decrease by 10%. The more individual clients contribute to this, the greater the savings you will feel on your bills.