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Div-ee-ap application


GEN-I has proven many times that innovative approaches are the right path to successful operations on the one hand and satisfied customers and business partners on the other. It is becoming increasingly clear that we can contribute significantly to environment protection through innovations. 

The latter is also one of the objectives of the ‘E-mobility’ project, in which Slovenian high-tech companies have formed an alliance. One objective of the project, which is supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund, is the development of smart technologies that will eliminate the problems that arise during the simultaneous charging of electric vehicles. In the scope of this project, our development team developed the Div-ee-ap application that is already reaping rewards. It took first place among the competing solutions at the 13th summit of innovative companies in the energy sector. 

Div-ee-ap is a solution that enables the simple sharing of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles through a specially designed platform. Users can use the application to provide other drivers with the free or payable co-use of their charging station. The solution is already operational at Ocean Orchids and at the homes of their employees as a demo location for their demonstration project.

The GEN-I team worked for more than a year on the project. Ultimately, its effort was repaid with the successful completion of the project and the award it received for that effort.